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The Power Of Leveraging Your Menstrual Cycle For Business

Updated: May 15, 2023

I'd LOVE to introduce you all to another guest blogger, my friend, Alycia Camacho. She's a Holistic Health Coach for Women's Health, a Certified Personal Trainer, Functional Movement Specialist, and a Recipe Developer who helps empower women to connect to the sacredness that lies within them to bring forth alignment within their lives.

Alycia is also a bonus speaker for the Empowered Petpreneur Interview Series. In her interview, we chatted ALL about how to actually use each phase in your menstrual cycle while running your pet business. Good stuff, people. Sounds weird or maybe a little like uncharted territory, but it works. This is science.

Anyways, without further adieu, Alycia!


Would you believe it if I told you that as women we have a super power that gives us hints as to how we can become more aligned in our personal and business lives? 

It’s called our menstrual cycle! I know, you are probably like “what?!” 

Let me explain to you beautiful Queen.

Your Period Your Cycle and Running A Business | Pet Marketing Unleashed | Women's Health

So first off, your menstrual cycle isn’t just during the time that you bleed - that is called menstruation. Your entire monthly cycle is referred to as your menstrual cycle.

The fluctuations you experience with your hormones each month also reflect on your emotional and mental states. Becoming familiar with your cycle and the fluctuations that you have each month will allow you to know when is the best time to create, take a break, launch, rebrand, meet with potential clients, up your marketing, and so on in your business. 

Unfortunately we live in a society where the menstrual cycle is suppressed and our hormones like estrogen and progesterone are looked at in negative ways. 

menstrual cycle | how to work through pain | women's flow | pet marketing unleashed

According to Alisa Vitti, a Women’s Menstrual Health Expert and also author of Woman Code who also created the cycle syncing method, each phase of your cycle gives you superpowers for your brain. The hormonal fluctuations we experience as women affect our cognition, mood, energy, and creativity. 

An example of this is that during our ovulation our estrogen skyrockets which makes us very magnetic. A way to use the hormonal phase would be to do a talk, a webinar, seek clients, and launch something because your hormones make you more attractive at this time and I don’t mean just in the physical sense to a potential mate. 

Now, if you don’t have a menstrual cycle because perhaps you are postmenstrual, syncing to a cycle is still possible using the moon! This is because the phases of the moon also coincide with the menstrual cycle and provide very similar fluctuations each month that gives us clues as to what is the best thing to work on in our businesses. 

new moon cycles | pet industry | pet marketing unleashed | working through periods

The new moon usually correlates with getting your period and the full moon with ovulation.

I’m sure you have felt maybe a little weird during the full moon, right?

Or maybe during your premenstrual phase which is the 2 weeks before your period, also known as the luteal phase, (which is a phase of the moon as well), you feel extra emotional and all sorts of things come to surface?

This is because our cycles affect us in every possible way. And in regards to the moon, also known as Luna in Spanish, is where the word lunatic comes from. 

So, it is no surprise that we feel so much when the moon changes or as we move through our menstrual cycles. 

Your menstrual cycle and the moon cycles cause changes in our energy levels, emotions, motivation, inspiration, creativity, and more. It is when we tap into these changes that occur, that we can apply it to our lives to assist us greatly!


This isn't a topic I've really discussed or opened up about before, but after working with Alycia, I learned so much about how EVERYTHING within our bodies DIRECTLY impacts our businesses, our lives, and our effectiveness as humans.

The live series is now over; however, you can still get access to all 20 interviews on how to grow your pet business confidently and with ease and balance - for life! Not to mention...exclusive offers from our expert speakers AND yours truly!

Pet Business Interview Series Summit | Pet Marketing Unleashed



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