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7 Quick + Simple Ways To Gain More Pet Business Clients

Updated: May 24

Raise your hand if you feel that digital marketing is, well, complicated.

I’m sure you’ve heard of all these:

Facebook. Instagram. Snapchat. Pinterest. Google+. Linkedin. Email. Newsletters. Blog. Advertisement. Promo Product. Event. Word of Mouth. Referral. Partnership. Fundraiser. PR. Sale. Pitch. Article. Discount. Loyalty Program. Coupon. Software. Booking.


How in the WORLD are we supposed to figure out what apps we should be on, where we should be spending our ad dollars, how we should spend our time, and what we should even say on all of these platforms??

It's completely overwhelming. I totally get it.

What it boils down to is being more productive and efficient with your time.

So, I'm here to tell you seven quick ways that you can market your pet business online.

7 Quick + Simple Ways To Gain More Pet Business Clients | Pet Marketing Unleashed | marketing tips for dog walkers, pet sitters, dog trainers, groomers, and pet photographers

1. Come up with monthly themes.

It can be tough to create content consistently! Is it difficult to ALSO come up with the content ideas you need to be posting about? It can be! However, with the help of monthly themes, you’ll have less of a problem. Creating a structure out of your content creation will save you loads of time. It’ll make progress even when you feel at a loss for what to say. What’s your theme this month?? Tip: think about holidays, seasons, recent events, or an area of your business you want to improve and use it for your monthly themes.

I also recommend taking a look at the yearly calendar. When will you have product/service launches? Are there any birthdays you want to celebrate? Consider the upcoming holidays. Hint: There are tons of holidays regarding pets. There are also annual social media campaigns that you can participate in like #GivingTuesday or #nationalspoilyourdogday.

2. Improve your client/customer experience.

This is essential and invaluable. The more you can impress your potential clients, the more likely they'll stick around and the more likely they'll become brand loyal to your business.

I talk more about the full customer experience in my interview with Katy from Doxieworks. Feel free to read my most important takeaways here.

I also have a blog post in the works all about how to WOW your potential clients (this one is worth a read, guys!). You can read it here.

One of the best ways to impress your clients from the get-go is to have a Welcome Packet (you can get one of our templates here) for your clients once they're ready to sign up! This allows you to:

  • Answer any questions they might have, before they even ask!

  • Impress them to your professionalism and legitimacy

  • Save you time in going over the process with each client

  • Allow clients to feel understand and that working with you is a breeze!

Welcome Packet Templates for dog walkers, pet sitters, dog trainers, and pet photographers | Pet Marketing Unleashed

3. Add your contact info everywhere you can.

Most of the time when you're just posting all of the time on FB, people don't even know how to find your business because you're invisible on the internet. Add some of your info on your website header and footers like your email address, phone number, and locations or service areas. You can also add some information to a banner on the bottom of some of your social media graphics.

4. Schedule your posts ahead of time.

It’s effortless to schedule content on Facebook and Instagram, especially if you use a social media scheduler like Later. If you could set aside 3 hours per week to create social media content, you could have a post going out every day for a month! That’ll help you remain visible online every day (without actually even being online), which can bring you massive growth over time.

5. Invest even 20 minutes a week on SEO.

Search Engine Optimization is vital for your website and marketing your pet biz online. You need to have keywords placed in copy throughout your site. You can include the keywords in your photos, links and blog posts. From there, Google will do the work for you.

6. Claim your business listings.

Have you ever heard of Google My Business? It’s a cool feature that you’re probably already familiar with because you’ve likely seen it when you search for local businesses. When you search for companies online, you may have noticed a box on the right-hand side. It typically lists the business’s bio, plus its operating hours and contact info.

7. Start blogging consistently.

The last one on this list is also my favorite! I mentioned in another post why it’s essential to have a website and one of the reasons why was… guess what? BLOGGING! You can share your expertise in your particular niche and appeal to your target market. That blog content can also boost your SEO, so it’s a win-win.

Need some help to make website improvements?

With this list, you can get started with vamping up your digital marketing efforts today.

That’s what entrepreneurship is all about! ACTION.

Every day counts, so take action immediately because it will create more pet biz customers for your business. Seriously.

Which one of these steps will you try first?


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