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Smart and Simple Pet Business Trends We Predict for 2023

2023. How in the world?!

Today, Pet Marketing Unleashed is digging into 8 business trends we see coming in 2023 that our pet business owners are going to want to know about, especially when it comes to marketing your pet business and strategizing new offerings.

For the pet sitters, dog trainers, and pet photographers out there lookin’ to stay with the times - this one’s for you!

Smart and Simple Pet Business Trends We Predict for 2023 | Pet Marketing Unleashed

Our 2023 predictions:

1. Chat Boxes

In the day and age of Amazon and immediate support, it’s time to work with what we have as small pet business owners. How can we do this? Add a chat box to your website! Even if you’re not responding right away, it still allows for quick communication between you and a potential customer.

2. Shorter Content

As we head into 2023, I highly recommend keeping your content short and to the point.

This applies to sales pages on your website, course content video length, your about page, etc. People are sooo busy, and they essentially just want to know - is this for me or not?

It’s no longer going to be a marketing bonus to say, “Our dog training course has over 200 hours of video content!” Now, it’ll be better to promote, “Our bite-size videos allow you to make BIG progress with your dog during your busy work week.”

Keep the important info and remove the rest.

3. Email’s Got Your Back!

Email may become even more valuable and important. Lots of business owners and influencers are getting fed up with the insane amount of time it takes to post a Reel without the ROI. Because even though you may get lots of views (and heck, maybe even one goes viral), it likely doesn’t translate into getting more business. Also, did you know the average reach rate for small accounts on Instagram hovers around 32% for posts and only 8% for Stories?! That’s unbelievably low for something you invest so much time in!

Email is your way to reach your potential or current clients on a personal and direct level. You have control of your list, and you also have control over your results. For example, your subject line can be what makes 80% of your list open your email or 30%. You can also segment your list so that the emails you send can be even more relevant to them!

Note: This isn’t to say Instagram is never worthwhile - It’s very worthwhile, and Pet Marketing Unleashed posts on Instagram, too! In fact, Instagram is still prioritizing Reels and video in the algorithm, so if you do want to use Instagram as a marketing platform, it could be worth it to stay top of mind to your audience. All we’re saying is… consider the amount of time that goes into marketing each of your platforms and the ROI that you get in return. Email could allow you to reach a more direct audience!

4. Specialty Services Are Everything (It’s a good time to be unique!)

Being a ‘dog walker’ may no longer be enough. Consider niching down!

Can you specialize in walking dogs with anxiety? Small dogs? Leash reactive dogs? Bully breeds?

How can you tailor down your passion and specialize in something that makes a potential client say yes to working with you before even reading through your prices or onboarding steps?

Not only can this allow you to work with your most passionate types of animals or situations they deal with, but it also allows you to sell your services easier and work with clients who have similar passions as you!

Note: This doesn't mean you CAN’T work with those that don’t fit into this niche. If you advertise in your website copy that you specialize in working with small pups, that doesn’t mean you have to fire your Great Dane client or not take bigger dogs! This isn’t a limiting thing - just allows those who fit your passion/mold/niche to have an automatic yes to working with you. After all, we don’t want to appeal to EVERY dog in your service area.

Other ideas if you don’t want to niche down your services - consider showcasing your unique unapologetic personality, create a unique theme around your services, or consider reaching out to a brand strategist to help with this!

5. Inflation or Transitory Inflation?

While the Fed keeps saying what we’ve got is some ‘transitory inflation’, or inflation that’s temporary in nature, we’re thinking this inflation thing may be stickin’ around a bit longer.

What does this mean for you? It’s time to tailor your marketing to talk about how ESSENTIAL your services are. You’re not just a bonus or a luxury - It’s essential for their well-being, livelihood, and happiness to make sure their pets are well cared for, well trained, etc. It’s part of their commitment when they dog their pet.

NOTE: This type of marketing also applies to pet parents who are now working from home! How can you convince those pet owners to continue dog walks while they’re home?

6. Digital, Digital, Digital

Yes, things have been ‘online’ for some time now, but between Covid and remote positions, it’s time to take some of your business online if you haven’t already. Consider building courses, guides, digital products, or learning about affiliate marketing. You can also try to take some of your services online - dog training consults, nutrition consultations, or even pet photography (I’ve seen photographers do lifestyle photoshoots through a computer!)

7. People Love Subscriptions!

Is there a way you can make your services subscription based? This concept doesn’t have to just apply to subscription boxes!

Try making a monthly club/membership, have people subscribe to certain monthly packages, etc.

This also allows you to automate your processes, bank on more recurring monthly income, and overall feel a bit more stable with your services.

8. Interactive Texting

This is something I’ve noticed even in my business interactions. You know how when you’re on a site and you can get a discount by signing up for text alerts? Many of these companies are taking it a step further. They don’t just text you with deals, they’re now asking questions, answering questions, etc. all via text message! Something to consider…

9. Personality-Infused Copy

Personality is so essential as we move into 2023, especially with saturation in so many markets and younger demographics taking over as business owners (we see you Gen Z’ers). Going back to number 4, it’s essential to stand out and make your business something to be remembered, and one way to do so is with copy (text) that is overflowing with personality! Don’t be afraid to kick it up a notch, and let your business shine in the process!

These are only some of the trends I expect to see (edgy punchlines, social responsibility, and immersive experiences to name some others) but ya know, we only have so much time to read through long-form content, am I right?! (ahem... Number 2 on the list! 😉)

2023 - we’re coming for ya!

P.S. If you need some help creating a 2023-worthy website, then you’re going to want to check out our website templates built JUST for pet business owners like you. It includes ‘bite-sized’ (hehehe get my reference - we’re back to number 2 again) content and education on things like website copywriting, SEO, implementing software, adding chat boxes, and creating an onboarding strategy your dream clients will love.

Pet Business Website Templates | Pet Marketing Unleashed



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