The world is hurting. Regardless of what topic we're discussing or how much or in what way you are struggling right now, I can say with confidence that there is a collective heaviness over our world.


This can make it hard to make progress, find solutions, forgive, grow, achieve, smile, or really just live. As my expertise lies in web design and content writing, I'm not here to promise any solutions or provide a stance as that's just not how I process things or feel like that's what my platform is meant to do at this moment. And guys, that's really ok.


Instead, what I do want to do is share a beautiful meditation (don't run away yet haha) that my 'energy/emotion healer,' Esmeralda, created specifically as a result of the collective heaviness and pain being experienced by many of her clients and loved ones.


The intention of this meditation is to help you find peace of mind during this challenging time. You can listen to it once, every morning, or really as many times as you need or would like to. I hope you all love it as much as I do. ❤️ If you aren't a big meditation fan or haven't been successful in the past, maybe now's the time to give it another try. You might surprise yourself, especially during this time. It's a good one.

With much love and support,

Mikaela, Pet Marketing Unleashed

To access the meditation, click below:

If you have trouble accessing it, head here. You can also learn more about Esmeralda on that website. She is wonderful and will actually be helping out in future courses of mine!

healing meditation for pet business owners