Furry Friends Resort

Furry Friends Resort is one that's close to my heart. I used to be an employee there as a pet resort representative while I was in college. After graduating with my degree in Marketing, they knew they needed some marketing help, so I assisted with their re-brand and re-owning of the new facility.

One of those projects was also their web design - one of my first ones at that!


"She designed our entire website and we get so many compliments from clients on how beautiful our website is. She is responsible, reliable, prompt, professional and knowledgeable. And my favorite thing about her is her true passion for animals.

We have maintained an increase in our revenue after opening the new pet resort and are still seeing so many new clients. We have actually had to stop accepting new clients on certain days due to how busy we have been."


- Stephanie B.

Logo Variations


Homepage Design

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