Your pet business deserves to be SEEN & UNDERSTOOD.
You only have 8 seconds to captivate your audience and make your brand:

In a sea of noisy sales pitches, pet industry saturation, and information overload, your content needs to do more than just fill the page or email.

As I tell my clients, "Every single post or piece of content needs to have a purpose." It's more than slapping 500 words on a page or caption and calling it a day.

Your marketing content...whether it's a technical blog post for a pet software company or a monthly newsletter for a veterinarian, it means something. Your business is personal, regardless of if it's just you or you have an ever-growing team. Pet industry professionals don't end up in the field without a passion or a message to spread.

We're here to bring that message to life, through words and content that convert.

We specialize in working with solo petpreneurs and small to medium pet businesses looking to expand their reach, increase brand awareness, and captivate an audience that's ready to buy. We primarily create content for blog posts and newsletters.


You UNDERSTAND the value of quality content for your pet business

You're looking for someone you can TRUST. Someone that cares enough to do the research and provide quality work that fits your vision

Clients typically make a monthly investment between $400- $2,000, 

depending on the amount of content, the number of platforms, & whether marketing strategy is needed.

"I am a pet professional and I have never been even mediocre when it comes to writing content. While I do try to write and sometimes succeed, these little wins could take me hours. As a business owner and being full time in the field, I don’t have to hours to spend and the time I do have I would rather focus it on customer care. By having Mikaela help with blogs and newsletters I was able to up my SEO on my website, provide useful and local information and stay front of mind with my customers... all through writing."

Dacey R. 

"It is such a relief knowing Mikaela takes care of all of our content marketing needs so we don't have to worry and we can focus on caring for the animals. Since Mikaela started, we have seen a dramatic increase in our revenue and in our number of new clients. We would be lost without her!"

Stephanie B.

"I contribute much of our success (our revenue has increased by 50% since moving into the new facility) to Mikaela's marketing strategies. She is a joy to work with, always upbeat & positive, works well with different personalities, & is very knowledgeable. I would highly recommend Mikaela."

Dr. Martin, DVM

"Mikaela was amazing to work with.  She helped our company with content for blogs and newsletters.  She provided excellent content and is very organized.  She is on top of everything.  I wish we could hire her to do more for our business.  The overall experience was wonderful."

Ayako L.

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