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33 Creative Instagram Post Ideas for Your Pet Business (Photos, Not Videos)

Updated: Dec 14, 2023

Yes, pictures of dogs and cats can obviously be great to post on your pet business Instagram feed. But, that's simply not enough, nor is it the only type of content you should be producing for your audience.

Creating high-quality and engaging content can be challenging and time-consuming, especially when you've been used to just posting the same sort of posts over and over.

So, I went ahead and crafted 33 ideas for creative Instagram posts (with examples) that can help drive loyal followers, create engagement, and produce...ta da...ACTUAL paying clients for your pet business.

Because, let's be real... Instagram doesn’t want anyone leaving their app. The moment you, as a business owner, write content that asks people to go back to your website (which you SHOULD do), your engagement drops. Your Instagram Story views go down. The moment you add a URL to your Story, your views go down. They WANT you to pay for these services (hello Instagram and Facebook Ads), so your viewers and engagement drop substantially when you try to get people off their platform without paying.

We have to be creative when it comes to Instagram, and that means providing content that your potential clients WANT to digest. Consider how you use Instagram as a user (not a business owner). When you scroll Reels in the evening or pass lunch by scrolling through your feed, are you there to learn about services others are offering or are you there to be entertained? Honestly, that’s a crucial mind shift to consider when it comes to creating content. We put so much pressure on ourselves, especially when our content doesn’t do well. But perhaps it’s not your content so much as what people are using the platform for.

Pet Marketing Unleashed digs into alllllll the Instagram scoop and more in this blog post on why Instagram isn't getting you more clients for your pet business, and I highly suggest you give this one a read before you invest hours upon hours creating Reels without noting a ROI.

My advice? Take Instagram for what it is. A place to generate community, support, trust, and engagement. From there, you can create a wonderful onboarding experience for clients to take when they're ready to take the plunge! You want a beautiful website for them to land on when they make that initial commitment to learn more, and we can help you there, too, via custom website design or fully customizable website templates.

I digress... let's get into the 33 creative Instagram photo post ideas for your pet business!

Before we begin—one of the most important things in creating a solid Instagram strategy is having consistent branding. If this is something you need help with, check out our Branding VIP Days! Not only will you get a stunning logo, color palette, typography, and more, but we can also help with social media templates, icons, and more so that you feel confident sharing your business in a cohesive manner on social media. Plus, we now have social media templates you can download in the PMU Shop that match our website templates!

Alright...let's get to the ideas!

1. Share Quotes.

Seriously, this stuff works! People love to read inspiring quotes and pieces of literature. You may not think this one will work in the pet industry but it does! With Hollywood movies and celebrities doting over animals, it’s easier than you’d think.

2. Share pet care tips and actionable steps.

Whether you’re selling products or services, you’re probably getting the same questions from various customers. You can turn those questions into social media posts! Or, just try sharing simple tips for your audience - they do appreciate it!!

3. Share how-tos.

You’re an expert at what you do. Your audience wants to hear from you first! Sometimes we think that because we know something so well, that other people do too. But many times, the opposite is the case, so whatever how-to you’ve got to share, chances are it’s all brand new information for somebody else.

4. Show your audience behind-the-scenes.

It may seem boring to you but your followers may find it amusing or entertaining! You won’t know until you try. I find that many “mompreneurs” say that their customers, clients, or followers LOVE it when their kids interrupt their videos or make noise in the background of a phone call. And I assume, the same goes for the dogs barking in the background. ;)

5. Play the “caption this!” game.

You could get really creative with this one, especially with animals involved. Use a photo of pets making silly or serious faces or doing something out of the ordinary. It’ll be really fun to see what people come up with!

6. Ask your audience for feedback.

They’ll be happy to know that you value their opinion. You could ask them how they feel about your products or services. I’ve seen lots of business owners ask their audience to fill out surveys and get their perspective on things like logos, branding, services, or product descriptions.

7. Introduce yourself to your audience.

We’re all craving human connection. Especially on social media. Don’t be shy, because honestly, your audience will be much more likely to stick around if they know the face behind the business.

8. Share your story with your audience.

They want to know how and why you started your business. They want to know where you see yourself heading one year from now or even five years from now.

9. Share your goals.

Got a goal you’re trying to achieve? I find that sharing your intentions for the week on Sundays or Mondays is always a great way to start a conversation. You’re also letting your followers know what you’re up to so that they can get to know you better!

10. Celebrate holidays and national awareness campaigns.

It’s a great way to build community, but you can also use the opportunity to educate your audiences on causes that are important to you. Need a list of all the pet holidays in one place?? We've got you covered.

11. Promote one of your products or services.

Do this sparingly, but still include it in your calendar schedule! I recommend that you focus on growing your network and building relationships FIRST, and then start thinking about selling your business.

If you want more support with creating social media posts for your busines, we offer Instagram Profile Optimization and social media graphic templates bundles that will immensely help you with this process! Check them out here!

12. Give another business a shoutout.

It’s actually a good thing to tag other accounts in your photos and within your captions. Take advantage of that! Why not give a shoutout to another amazing pet business?

Tip: Here is a great way to help with pet biz partnerships.

13. Share a review or testimonial.

Statistically speaking, consumers trust positive reviews more than anything else. Sharing testimonials on social media and your website can speak volumes on your quality of work. Don’t be shy and ask your customers for these testimonials so you can share them often! Need more ideas on how to get and use testimonials? We talk all about it in this blog post.

14. Share a content upgrade.

If you want to grow your email list, you can absolutely utilize Instagram for that! Describe your content upgrades and tell your audience how they can be granted exclusive access. That “link in bio” is there for a reason! If you need a little help with creating email templates for your pet business, we have them for you here!

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15. Share a sneak peek.

Got something fun planned? A new product? An event? Give your audience a sneak peek of what you’ve been working on. They may be dying to wait for its release or launch date!

16. Show your audience your team members.

Do you have team members supporting your business? Show them that they’re appreciated with a shoutout on social media!

17. Daily themes.

Every heard of Throwback Thursday? Make Waves Monday? Friday Introductions? These are all great ways to get involved in highly engaged communities… and they’re great places to find inspiration when you’re experiencing writer’s block.

18. Talk about things you love.

Maybe you love the names of the pets you care for or you’re loving a new way of caring for your doggie. Don’t be afraid to talk about yourself once in a while!

19. Share content from your blog posts.

Repurposing content is a thing, and it works! It can save you time and help you stay active online. If your blog posts are about education and answering questions, then you should absolutely share them on social media as well! Grab our list of free blog post ideas here! Need help mastering your blogging strategy and process? We also have a blogging course that will turn you into a blogging master in no time.

20. Host a giveaway.

Giveaways can be fun, especially on Instagram and for those in the pet product business!

Update: Although these can be great for your pet business, I also suggest doing them carefully and purposefully now that the Instagram algorithm takes into account more promotional content. For more details, head to my blog post on the Facebook and Instagram Changes.

21. Share some advice.

Got advice from your momma? She shared it with you for a reason, and now you can pay it forward with your Instagram followers. OR you may have your own advice to share!

22. Trends in your industry.

It’s also beneficial to stay on top of the latest trends… especially when it comes to marketing and pet businesses. Why not share the information that you have with your followers?

23. Ask a question.

Typically, it’s good practice to include a question in most, if not all, social media posts to encourage discussion.

24. One thing you can’t live without.

Talk about an ice breaker! Tell your followers some of your favorite things, and see what they like too. You may find that you have a lot of things in common!

25. Share the facts.

We work in a pretty cool industry, I think! There are loads of animal facts out there. From awareness to activism, you can educate your audience on whatever research you find.

26. Create a Countdown.

Is there an event or a product that you’re really excited about launching? You can build momentum around it with a daily countdown!

27. Share podcast episodes.

If you’re into podcasts at all, chances are your followers are too! Talk about a recent episode you’ve listened to or ask your audience what they like.

28. Talk about books.

This one is the same concept as talking about podcast episodes! I’d know I’d love to receive more book recommendations!

29. Share an inspirational news story.

It seems like every day there is a video making its rounds on Facebook of an animal rescue or Boo the Pomeranian shared another adorable photo. They go viral because they make people feel good or they provide a good laugh. Feel free to share the ones that you like!

30. Post about an event.

Is your business hosting an event or participating in one? First of all, promote it! Then you can share live content while it’s happening like posts on Instagram Stories. Finally, share a post reflecting on the experience.

31. Share your tools.

We’ve all got tools that we use on a regular business to help us operate our business. Here are our favorite pet biz tools. What are some of yours?

32. Offer a flashback.

With the help of Facebook memories, it’s actually fun to go back and see what you were up on a particular day in previous years. Why not incorporate that into your social media content? You could talk about the first customer you ever had or the first day that you opened up shop. These are the little stories that people love to read about!

33. Share a Before and After.

I love the idea of incorporating this theme with pet businesses! If you’re a pet groomer, show a before and after shot of a grooming session. If you’re a pet sitter, capture pictures of the pets at the beginning of the day and then at the end too (think excited pup and then tired pup).

I hope you liked these ideas and find a way to implement them into your content!

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